Climb to new heights with Sioux Falls Tower.

Climb to new heights with Sioux Falls Tower.
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Project Manager

Orem, UT


Full time, Salaried + Commission

Job Summary: Responsible for overseeing the bidding and completion of new construction, retrofit and maintenance related projects in a safe, timely, and cost-effective manner. Working as a close team member with the Construction Manager and Crew Chiefs to ensure smooth work flow and efficient field operations.

General Responsibilities: (Not listed in order of importance)

  1. Manage overall company performance for a specific project, customer, geographical territory, or group of crews/teams.
  2. Assist in implementing company policies and procedures
  3. Ensure those areas and functions under your control adhere to the highest quality standards 
  4. Seek out new customers and maintain existing customers through top quality customer services 
  5. Maximize revenue from assigned operations (based on job completions)
  6. Maintain regular (daily when needed) contact with customer(s) to ensure customer satisfaction and ongoing growth for the company
  7. Control costs of assigned operations (labor, subsistence, subcontractors, equipment, job materials, etc.)
  8. Support field operations by working closely with Construction Manager to ensure crews/teams have proper equipment, information, and job materials
  9. Secure best pricing, issue purchase orders and ensure delivery of job materials
  10. Coordinate delivery of equipment and materials to job sites
  11. Schedule jobs with customer and work with Construction Manager to see that crews are mobilized on time
  12. Evaluate Construction Managers and field staff annually 
  13. Select and manage subcontractors
  14. Conduct Monday morning crew or team meetings alongside the Construction Manager
  15. Manage contract close-out with Project Administrator including assembling turn-over documents, i.e. punch list, inspection reports, sweep reports, etc.
  16. Maintain documentation of all of the above as needed


Required Meetings or Coordination

  1. Daily call or face to face with Crew Chiefs
  2. Daily contact with customers
  3. Conduct Monday morning meeting alongside the Construction Manager with each assigned crew in person or by telephone when crews are in the field
  4. Weekly safety meeting with all field employees
  5. Weekly Project Managers meeting with company-wide PM’s, CM’s and Operations Director
  6. Monthly office staff meeting
  7. Weekly report to Field Director on status regarding the above listed responsibilities


Company Background

Sioux Falls Tower & Communications is a company specializing in construction and maintenance of communications towers. The company serves four main sectors within the commercial tower industry including; cellular, broadcast, wind energy and other including government, microwave, etc. We use in-house crews for the majority of the labor performed. The crews are divided into three specialties including the following.

              CIVIL – Including tower foundation installation, site grounding, equipment shelter foundations, site compounds and fencing, driveways, underground utilities and other related work to new site construction. Civil crews work in teams of two – Crew Chief and laborer.

              TOWER – Including assembly and erection of towers, antenna systems and meteorological equipment installation for the wind energy industry. Also tower modifications and maintenance of all types on towers in height from 100’ to 2000’. Tower crews work in teams of four – Crew Chief and three tower hands

              COMMUNICATIONS – Including maintenance and installation work involving in-building radio installations, tower condition assessments,  FAA lighting maintenance, antenna system trouble shooting and repair, other light-duty maintenance. Communications crews work in teams of two – Crew Chief and communications technician.

The company works nation-wide for several nationally recognized customers.

Company Benefits

  1. $40/day per-diem while traveling
  2. We pay separate rates for site time, travel time and shop time.
    Site Time:  Time spent working on the job site.
    Travel Time:  Time spent driving to and from the site.  This also includes time spent checking in and out of hotels.
    Shop Time:  Time spent working in the shop, whether the work is for a job or not.
  3. We pay for hotel room and everyone stays in their own room.
  4. We pay for all major national holidays.
  5. We offer vacation pay with a graduating scale based on years of service: 1 week after 1 year, 2 weeks after 3 years, 3 weeks after 5 years, 4 weeks after10 years
  6. We offer a yearend bonus in place of a retirement plan.
  7. We offer major medical health, and dental insurance.
  8. We pay time and a half for overtime. Crews get from 45 to 65 hours per week.
  9. We use company trucks only. You do not have to drive to the job sites in your own vehicle.
  10. We are an employee-oriented company and try our best to take good care of our workers. They are our #1 asset.
  11. We are a leader in the industry and continue to growing throughout the upper Midwest & Mtn Region.
  12. We provide opportunities for advancement within the company for our employees.