Climb to new heights with Sioux Falls Tower.

Climb to new heights with Sioux Falls Tower.
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Project Estimator


Job Summary: Prepare cost estimates by analyzing proposals and requirements.

Reports to:         Regional VP

Reported to by: None

Compensation: Salary   


General Responsibilities: (Not listed in order of importance)

  • Understand the project and its requirements.
  • Determine key variables for cost and other estimates.
  • Gather first-hand information from sites, warehouses or other venues.
  • Conduct research to obtain data on labor costs, materials, production times etc.
  • Use software for data analysis, forecasting and budgeting.
  • Obtain and review offers and quotes by subcontractors or vendors.
  • Perform risk analysis.
  • Create and submit estimate reports or bids to appropriate persons (project managers, clients, bidding competitions etc.)
  • Provide consultation on planning (schedules, manpower needs etc.)
  • Obtain competitive subcontractor pricing by project ensuring competitiveness and increasing management efficiency.
  • Create material list and obtain competitive vendor pricing by project ensuing competitiveness and increasing management efficiency.   
  • Record estimating results and provide data to the management team for educational and industry trends. 
  • Follow up with customers of unawarded projects and gather information to be used for future estimating consideration.   
  • Assemble training and best practice curriculums for the field staff when requested by management team.
  • Perform regional business development as directed by the Regional VP and/or management team.
  • Build relationships and maintain regular (daily when needed) contact with customer(s) to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Maintain documentation of all of the above as needed.


  • Proven experience as Estimator or similar position
  • Familiarity with financial and project management principles
  • In depth knowledge of research and data analysis methods and estimation formulas
  • Exquisite math and IT ability with an analytical mindset
  • Proficient in relevant software
  • Outstanding communication and negotiation abilities
  • Thoroughness and reliability
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • BSc/BA in engineering, construction science or relevant discipline
  • Certified Professional Estimator (CPE) will be an asset

Required Meetings or Coordination

  1. Daily calls with Regional Project Managers
  2. Daily contact with customers
  3. Weekly safety meeting with all field employees
  4. Weekly Project Managers meeting with other PM’s, CM’s Regional Operations Manager and COO
  5. Monthly office staff meeting
  6. Weekly report to Regional VP on status regarding the above listed responsibilities

Sioux Falls Tower specializes in commercial tower construction, maintenance, and service work for the wireless, broadcast, utility and wind energy industries. With offices in Sioux Falls SD, Rapid City SD, Orem UT, and Denver CO, or geographic footprint spans from the Great Plains to the West Coast.


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